The Nephilim

Holding Nephilim NFT

Nephilim NFTs are initially 666 animated NFTs on a NEAR protocol, designed and crafted by a group of artists, representing different art styles from real-world game backgrounds, weaving together weapons and gear into their work, as well as giving them special access to our DAO known as Nephilim. While everyone can contribute by completing tasks and earning rewards, Nephilim NFT holders will profit from the shared reward division from those tasks.

Sustainable Benefit for Holding Nephilim NFT

Holders of Nephilim NFT will have access to a revenue share of the fees acquired from our freelancer platform. The amount of revenue share received by the holder is dictated by their number of NFTs. Holding multiple NFTs also allows the holder to benefit from the staking multiplier.
In the future, through our gamified staking contract, holders will also be able to upgrade their NFT staking reward by burning a certain amount of tokens. On top of the revenue share, a 50% royalty sharing from the secondary market is also distributed to our NFT holders.
Here is a list of holder benefit (updated 5/5/2022)
  • Tier based Revenue sharing from Freelancer platform and project launchpad tool
  • 50% royalty sharing from the secondary market.
  • Free of charge when using any of our tools.
  • Tier-based revenue sharing from any income from other side tools.
Other than those listed above, we will continue to create more value for our NFT holders and community supporters.