The Nephilim
Blacksmith - NFT Staking
Nephilim offers a way for global investors to participate in certain Token of Certainty tokens while they are still developing. By investing with Nephilim, you can be assured that your investments are kept safe and guarded and that we only have your best interests in mind. In return, 10% of the total supply will be locked into the Solidified Timeline contracts on our website to provide proof of ownership and an easy way for contributors to view their holdings. Therefore, since these investments are locked away after the platform is deployed, we will not be able to take them. In addition, we are taking specific measures to ensure that investors do not spend weeks or months waiting for their company investments to start producing returns.
By packaging the Token Generation Event into Nephilim NFTs and redistributing Near from crowd sale investors directly to token holders, the value of the locked tokens will immediately provide access to equity ownership in the issuing party.
However, the NFTs will not be distributed to all network participants equally. Only a limited number of tokens can be gained through staking Nephilim in the model, and users must stake their own Nephilim to access it with the unlocked tokens available for distribution. Nevertheless, it creates a reward incentive for all participants who engage with the protocol. It also ensures dearth within the collection, which benefits stakeholders and marketplace listings where participants buy and sell instead of taking them off the market.
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