The Nephilim

How decentralization work with freelancer platform?

Listing Tasks on Nep Marketplace

From a user perspective, listing tasks on our freelancer platform will be smooth and straightforward; task providers simply input their task’s needs, desired budget, and timeframe. Traditionally, freelancers may only approach the task one to one, but utilizing our DAO, the task provider will be able to reach out to different guilds/groups in our DAO to find the best solution for the project. Furthermore, freelancers can also create a task group to help each other complete a single task with the governed award based on contribution. We also focused on ease of use to provide the best user experience for both providers and freelancers. Therefore, the Nephilim platform aims to create a user-friendly user interface with a complex and secure backend process.


The most crucial element of successful task completion is communication. However, most freelancer platforms may not allow you to re-direct parties to other social applications, such as Discord and Telegram. However, we encourage users to utilize these tools to create a better bond with the builder community and allow better team management by using private rooms, group chats, etc. Our smart contract will also govern the critical milestone/major scope of work for the job to keep track of the progress tasks and keep the provider and freelancer in sync.

Governed Delivery

The job provider will be able to have the delivery and progress governed by our DAO. In addition, depending on the different levels of confidential information pertaining to the project, the job provider can choose between a few governing options: 1) Full Public Audit: This option allows everyone in the DAO with a matching professional to vote on the status of the task based on the requirements set by the job provider and a standardized protocol to determine the status, such as milestone completion or require review, etc. 2) Delivery Audit: DAO members with matching profession can express their interest in governing a task with an agreed cost and requirement by both parties. A set of governing rules will govern both delivery options, which must be followed by every member involved in managing a project


The smart contract will take care of distributing profits while also ensuring confidentiality, as they are distributed directly to the project’s contributors in NEAR. In addition, the fees generated by the project will be shared among those holding the Nephilim NFT and Tokens, and the agreed job compensation will be allocated to those who made a positive contribution to the task.