The Nephilim
Nephilim DAO
House of Nephilim
The House of Nephilim is deeply connected to our freelancer platform. This DAO acts as the primary creator hub. Joining this DAO is compulsory for freelancers who intend to commence any work. The membership profile of each member’s DAO will be the central identity of the freelancer. In addition, it allows job providers to select the right personnel with the best skillset and budget. This DAO also governs the quality of our freelancers and has the option of enabling job providers to supervise their jobs utilizing our DAO.

Working Groups

Verified members in our DAO will also be able to create working groups. For example, a group of artists can create a working group to complete a single job. Groups are also able to propose works as a single entity. Our smart contract will allow freelancers to configure the earning share upon group creation.


A guild is a large group of members led by multiple members with the highest rank. Every member who reaches a specific contribution level will be promoted in rank. In addition, guilds will be another layer of governance of the freelancer’s quality in our DAO. Mutual supervision will be the primary way for guild members to supervise each other and improve the overall quality of job delivery.

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