The Nephilim

Supporting NEAR Ecosystem

Near University support program for freelancers

To support the NEAR ecosystem, projects utilizing our freelancer platform will have a 10% fee reduction if their project is built on NEAR protocol. We will also host events/rewards that motivate people to participate in learning through the Near University. For example, freelancers who graduate from a NEAR certified developer program will have their DAO membership profile highlighted. As a result, they will become more exposed to job providers, thereby encouraging freelancers to learn to develop on NEAR and deliver the best quality products in a more standardized way.

Project Launchpad

We also built an NFT project launchpad mainly focused on assisting projects created on our freelancer platform that are ready to launch. This launchpad provides a customizable, easy-to-use experience for projects that allows public/whitelist minting of their NFT. In addition, this launchpad will create an on-chain sub-contract that belongs to the project owner.