The Nephilim

Roadmap 1.0

Q2 2022

  • Strategic Collaboration and partnership
  • Mint ( WL only)
  • House of Nephilim On-Chain DAO initial setup
  • 50% royalty sharing from secondary market to our holders
  • Continuous WL allocation and Collab from top most projects on Near
  • Gamified DAO - NFT Holders will have early access to join our Gamified DAO in order to access to our Token earlier than everyone else!
  • Early Access to All upcoming tools developed by House of Nephilim.
  • Alpha testing Neph-Launchpad

Q3 2022

  • NFT Staking allow holder access to allocated Tokens BEFORE IDO
  • Release of partnership community project
  • Gamified Staking
  • Announcing Roadmap 2.0
  • Launch of NeFP - Nephilim Freelancer Platform Beta
  • Launch of Neph-Launch NFT Project launch pad Beta
  • Near University Support event, Bug Bounty Event partnering with NEAR Jump dex